Haaské Consultancy

Our consultancy services are tailored to meet our client’s needs. From starting a small business to financing a project, we offer customized services and high levels of variance in our service quality.

Company: Haaské Consultancy

Category: Consultancy

Date: June 2015

Haaské Consultancy Services was established to provide innovative practices by utilizing emerging technologies to encourage and increase good businesses in Northern Nigeria.

We are happy to have overcome the barrier between our investments and agricultural produce, with the demand for food skyrocketing and the availability of farmland decreasing we have been able to maximize profitability in the agricultural sector.

High Yields - Good returns
Smart Investment - Green Farming
Food Security - Land Appreciation
Low Risk - Secured Funds

Qooraish Farms is the premier agricultural company with extensive Insurance Coverage on farm produce. Our Agritech Experts ensure high yields year-round.

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